After polls close at 10pm today, people across the country will be waiting to see the results of the General Election.

Candidates will be eager to find out whether or not they have won their seat, and voters will want to know whether their vote made a difference - and most importantly, who will be their MP and Prime Minister.

The results tomorrow morning could decide - among other things - whether or not the country will go through with Brexit, and how soon we might leave the European Union.

The last results are expected to come in at about 6am or 7am - so by then, we should have a clear idea of who might be our next PM - unless we end up with a hung parliament.

These are the times when results for seats in Waltham Forest, Redbridge and Epping Forest are expected to be announced, according to The Evening Standard:

Epping Forest - 2.30am

Brentwood and Ongar - 3am

Chingford and Woodford Green - 3am

Leyton and Wanstead - 3am

Walthamstow - 3am

Ilford North - 4am

Ilford South - 4am