Ilford South’s new Labour MP has promised that “people who desperately need a Labour government” will not be forgotten.

Sam Tarry said his party would continue to fight for its core values.

The former Barking councillor was elected tonight with a comfortable majority of almost 25,000.

Mr Tarry thanked campaigners for “their time, their energy and their love” in running “one of the most inclusive campaigns this constituency has ever seen”.

He said: “We showcased the very best of Ilford, the very best of Redbridge, and the very best of modern Britain.”

Reflecting on his win, the new MP said it would be “the honour of my life” to serve the place where he grew up.

He said: “I’m so humbled that every corner of this constituency has shown such faith in me.

“I promise that I will deliver on my word to each and every one of you. “

Mr Tarry also paid tribute to outgoing MP Mike Gapes, who lost the seat tonight after 27 years representing Ilford South.

Mr Gapes was formerly the constituency’s Labour MP, but quit the party in February because of worries about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

He was standing tonight for the Independent Group for Change.

Mr Tarry said: “I’d like to pay tribute to Mike Gapes for his 27 years as an MP in this constituency.

“While we have disagreed politically on some of the fundamental issues, he’s worked incredibly hard to represent his constituents in parliament and help thousands of thousands of local residents with his casework.”

The new Labour MP said he was “deeply sad” after an “incredibly difficult night” for his party.

He said working class voters had been “sold a lie” that the Conservatives cared about them.

He said: “My fear now is that this country will become increasingly divided.”

He added: “I’d like to make it clear right here right now that as a party the Labour Party we will continue to fight for what we believe in, the people who desperately need a Labour government they will not be forgotten.”