Ilford North’s Labour MP has launched a blistering attack on his own party leadership, warning that “losing isn’t radical”.

Wes Streeting said Jeremy Corbyn and his top team were responsible for Labour’s disastrous performance across the country tonight.

The party faces severe losses in what looks to be its worst election result since 1935.

Mr Streeting retained the seat he won in 2015 for Labour – but saw his majority almost halved to around 5,000 votes.

He said: “There's a temptation in the Labour party now to blame one man – but I think in the aftermath of a defeat like this, honesty is the best policy.

“The reason the Labour party lost this election is clear.

“Jeremy Corbyn led the Labour Party to this defeat.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet led the Labour party to this defeat.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto led the Labour Party to this defeat.

“Jeremy Corbyn ’s Brexit policy led the Labour Party to this defeat.

“And having sacked so many decent people, experienced people, Jeremy Corbyn’s headquarters led the Labour Party to this defeat.”

Mr Streeting said “change can’t come soon enough”, appearing to call on Mr Corbyn to resign.

He said Labour must rid itself of a “world view” that offers “false hope where people need real solutions”.

And he said anti-Semitism in the party has driven away voters and “should shame us all”.

He said: “I want the Labour Party to offer change we can believe in.

“There is no hope in nostalgia, nor fresh inspiration to be found in old orthodoxies.

“Losing isn’t radical and it’s in danger of becoming the new norm in the Labour Party.”