Sex toy testers are needed to review and help improve the newest pleasure products.

The big sell is you get to have fun "for science" and keep the toy as a thank you and reward for your efforts - no doubt for hygiene reasons too.

WOW Tech is looking for pleasure seekers to join its professional sex toy tester panel MasturbaTEAM and try its newest products at absolutely no cost.

The company manufactures sex toys under the We-Vibe and Womanizer brands. Some of the most successful sex toys by We-Vibes are the Melt, Moxie and Sync.

"Interested parties can register free of charge and receive an e-mail as soon as a product is available that matches their preferences," explains Johanna Rief, head of sexual empowerment.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

The We-Vibe Moxie. Photo: Stature PR

She continued: "Potential testers need to supply just a few details on their preferences before they receive their neutral and discreet package in the post. So our testers can participate according to their mood, desire and time."

Testers will have to fill out a questionnaire and are encouraged to be as critical as possible. After the results are evaluated, they are passed on to specialist departments.

Delivery addresses are deleted after the products are posted.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

A company is looking for sex toy testers. Photo: Pixabay

The company said its goal is to develop products that satisfy people's needs and desires, look stylish and are high quality with an innovative design. 

Around 1,000 men and women from across Europe have registered with MasturbaTEAM since it was launched at the beginning of 2019. The panel is being rolled out globally this year.

The role is not paid. If you would like to be a professional pleasure seeker you can sign up here.