Day-trippers are not welcome to Brighton and police may be turning people away at the station.

The force will be sending officers to Brighton Station this weekend and city leader Nancy Platts says visitors could be told to get back on the train.

The drastic measures, which come as Sussex cases of coronavirus top 100, are to avoid the scenes from last weekend when many people flouted social distancing rules to enjoy the sunshine on the beach.

“Do not travel to Brighton and Hove to use the beach,” the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council said.

“Our message to people outside of the city is that the beach is closed to them.

“If people can’t show they live here, then they might get back on the train and go home – that is how seriously we are taking this.”

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Brighton Station former taxi rank

There is set to be an “enhanced police presence” at the station and officers will be asking people why they are coming to the city.

Councillor Platts said the drastic measures were to “keep citizens safe and NHS staff protected” after droves of people flocked to the beach last weekend.

On Monday, Prime Minster Boris Johnson ordered a nationwide lockdown, with people only being allowed out of the house for limited purposes.

One form of exercise a day is allowed – for example a run, walk or cycle – alone or with a member of your household.

Those with any medical need or anyone providing care or helping a vulnerable person is also allowed out.

Travelling to and from work will be permitted but only when absolutely necessary and work cannot be done from home.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Council leader Nancy Platts

Brighton and Hove residents are still allowed on the beach, but must adhere to national guidelines.

Cllr Platts said the majority of residents, especially over the last few days, were being responsible.

However, the council fears that despite the strict new measures, sunny weather may draw crowds of people from outside the city to the beach, increasing the risk of transmission and the strain on the NHS.

She said: “Everything is closed, all their favourite pubs, cafes and restaurants have all shut.

“There is nothing here for them.”

The announcement comes after signs in the city’s parks, which reminded people that playgrounds and skate parks were closed and to keep a social distance, were torn down.

The acts of vandalism were discovered by community police officers, who are regularly patrolling the areas and asking groups to disperse.

Cllr Platts said: “The actions of these people are putting lives at risk. The signs will be replaced as soon as possible, but please respect the Government’s guidance and do not use these playgrounds and skate parks until further notice.”

People are also being reminded that they should not be having picnics or getting together in groups with people they do not live with.

The reminder comes after many people were seen ignoring the rules in The Level park in central Brighton. The city council leader said the large open spaces would remain open to residents but “people being irresponsible could force us into doing” – that is, closing them.

Shoreham Coastguard crews are still having to tell people to stop gathering on the beach.

It said it had received multiple reports despite new Government advice to stay at home to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said this behaviour was continuing across the UK.

Assistant director Pete Mizen said: “The rules are very simple and can be found on the Government website. Stay at home. The risk of spreading coronavirus is huge and while you might be OK, the person you give it to may not.”

There have now been more than 100 patients who have tested positive for coronavirus across Sussex.

The figure tipped into triple figures with a further six confirmed cases in the county.

West Sussex had the greatest increase with five more patients taking its total to 57.

Meanwhile East Sussex had one further coronavirus case, the 22nd in the area, and Brighton and Hove’s figure remained at 25.

Sussex has now had 104 people diagnosed with the disease, although some of these have since recovered, including Brighton and Hove’s first five cases who contracted the disease in late January.

Two patients at Eastbourne District General Hospital died last week after contracting the virus, and a further death was confirmed by the Sussex Community Foundation Trust in Haywards Heath on Tuesday.

The latest national figures are 9,529 cases and 463 deaths