While some companies have taken the decision to make staff redundant - there are others who are currently hiring across the UK.

Ranging from retail to communications, and from logistics to management, there are a multitude of jobs on offer.

These are five companies currently hiring right now, and some of the opportunities they are offering.


East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Boots is hiring for various jobs throughout the UK, from vacancies in the pharmacy to managerial positions.

As of Friday, July 3, the company currently has more than 700 positions available - with roles such as pharmacists, store managers and trainee roles all up for grabs.

To apply, visit: https://www.boots.jobs.


East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Tesco has numerous job opportunities available at the moment throughout different parts of the UK, ranging from customer assistant roles to shift manager positions and delivery driver vacancies.

At the time of publication (July 3), Tesco has more than 500 roles that they are looking to fill.

To apply, go to: https://www.tesco-careers.com.


East London and West Essex Guardian Series: PwC

PwC has numerous positions available throughout the UK, including client finance administrator roles, legal associate vacancies and test analyst vacancies.

As of July 3 - PwC has more than 200 roles available nationwide.

To make an application, visit: http://www.experiencedcareers.pwc.co.uk/page/show/job_search.


East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Deliveroo has a range of job opportunities currently available nationwide - all ranging from communication roles to logistics coordinator positions.

To apply, go to: https://deliveroo.co.uk/apply.


East London and West Essex Guardian Series: DEBATE: Domino's in Eastover, Bridgwater has applied to open to the public until 3am

Domino’s has vacancies for numerous roles, including store manager positions, bike or car delivery roles or instore crew vacancies.

To search for roles, visit: https://www.dominosrecruitment.co.uk.