A takeaway business has been issued with a £1,000 fine after a customer was given a burger four minutes after the 10pm curfew.

The Metropolitan Police Service for Redbridge told its Twitter followers that it had issued a fixed penalty notice to Bims Burger in Ilford Lane on Thursday.

The notice on its Twitter profile read: "Bims Burger (Venue) breached Covid-19 restrictions by having one customer inside the premises waiting for his takeaway meal, on looking at his receipt he was served 10pm on the dot, and staff were not handing him his food until 10.04pm, the supervisor on shift was issued a business £1,000 FPN (fixed penalty notice) on behalf of the owner."

MPS Redbridge said it was part of Op Pima Covid patrols - where officers respond to incidents of reported Covid breaches, received from members of the public or other agencies.

Bim's is not the first takeaway business to be fined in Redbridge.

On October 1, MPS Redbridge says Fireaway pizza in Ley Street, Seven Kings, was fined £1,000.

A statement said: "Fireaway Pizza, Ley Street, breached Covid-19 restrictions by having two people inside the premises at 10.20pm having just placed an order, waiting for food sat on the stools inside, neither wearing face masks, the manaher was issued £1,000 FPN."

A £1,000 fine has also been issued to Eyva Turkish Grill and Meze bar in Ilford.

MPS Redbridge said on Twitter customers were seen inside the premises ordering and being served at 10.45pm but did not state which date it happened.

Crave in Ley Street were given a £1,000 fine on September 29.

MPS Redbridge said: "Had three customers stood inside the premises at 10.22pm, a clear breach, two females were waiting for their orders, and one male still stood inside waiting for his order. Four staff members were serving, none of which were wearing face masks."

And on October 1, MPS Redbridge tweeted to say Tasty Chicken in High Road, Seven Kings, was fined £1,000 after three customers were seen inside the premises ordering food at 10.25pm.

New laws introduced by the government in September state takeaways in England must be shut between 10pm and 5am - although delivery services can continue after 10pm.

Police have also taken to social media to praise businesses who have been complying with the rules.

The force has received quite a bit of condemnation on Twitter for fining Bim's.

Former MEP Martin Daubney replied to MPS Redbridge's tweet saying: "The public will despise you for this petty bureaucracy. What happened to common sense? To a friendly "don't do it again" warning? This is ludicrously over the top."

Data released on the government's daily dashboard on Friday shows Redbridge still has the highest weekly rate of new Covid-19 cases in London.

The rate in the seven days to September 29 is 62.2 which is the equivalent of 190 cases.