A group of volunteers collected 15 rubbish bags in a weekly litter-picking event.

Alice Simons-Denville, and a group of friends, found the extensive remains of rubbish near to the Walthamstow Wetlands during the event on Sunday (October 18).

Among the litter included crisp packets dating back as far to 1991, and a sat nav.

The group intended to pick up rubbish between the wetlands and Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic park, but they ended up staying near to the wetlands due to the extensive amount of litter left behind.

While the group are not from Walthamstow themselves, they took it upon themselves to hold this clean-up after visiting the wetlands once and being shocked by the waste left behind.

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Before and after the litter pick

Further 20 bags of flytipped rubbish was found in Haringey on their way home.

The organiser said: “Picking up litter by the riverside isn’t going to save the world, but at a time where we’re all so aware of the climate crisis and the damage we’re doing to the natural world, amplified by David Attenborough’s latest documentary, it’s important to feel like we can make a difference - however small - and this is so needed.”