Health Secretary Matt Hancock will make his announcement about local authority tiers this morning.

Mr Hancock will be speaking to the House of Commons at 11.30am about which tiers each area in England will fall under after lockdown.

This comes after the Goverment set out its Covid-19 'winter plans' earlier this week.

Each area will be placed into one of the three tiers when lockdown ends next Wednesday (December 2).

But areas which make progress in slowing the spread of the virus could still be moved down a tier before Christmas, however, with the first review of the allocations due to take place by December 16.

Mr Hancock said: "Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice made by people up and down the country, we are able to move out of national lockdown and into more targeted local, tiered restrictions.

"I know for those of you faced with tier 3 restrictions this will be a particularly difficult time but I want to reassure you that we’ll be supporting your areas with mass community testing and extra funding.

The tier levels before lockdown

Hertfordshire had been in tier 1 before the full lockdown was imposed, but was on the verge of moving into tier 2.

Case rates dropped earlier this month, but most districts in Hertfordshire remains higher than what they had been under the tier system in October.

But areas such as Essex entered into tier 2 restrictions in October, at the request of county politicians. London was also placed into tier 2 before lockdown.

Additional measures were also brought in on October 17 to ease the infection rates in the capital.