Redbridge Council has just launched its Climate Change Action Plan and Green Urban Landscape Policy.

The world is faced by a dual crisis of climate and biodiversity breakdown.

The two threats have to be addressed together; they are not mutually exclusive.

In the case of carbon emissions in Redbridge, the research conducted shows buildings being the biggest emitters, accounting for 56 per cent. Transport comes next ,with 36 per cent, and waste caused eight per cent of emissions.

The plan will see retrofitting of properties and commitments to new sustainable levels.

On waste, recycling rates have improved with the roll-out of wheelie bins. The variety of plastic that can be recycled is also expanding. On transport, council vehicle fleets are converting to electricity.

Transport is a very challenging area. The recent London Boroughs Healthy Street scorecards saw Redbridge coming in 31st out of 33.

The borough was found to have one of the lowest levels of walking and cycling. But high levels of pedestrian and cyclist casualties plus car ownership.

The borough was found to have just one per cent of protected cycle lanes, with 15 per cent of the borough covered by 20mph speed limits.

Efforts are being made to meet these challenges. The 20mph speed limits are being expanded, whilst consultation on some more protected cycle lanes in the west of the borough is being rolled out.

There are also efforts to expand Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ), Low Emission Neighbourhoods and School Streets.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone will be extended to the west of the borough in October. Things are happening, but there is a long way to go.

The council has to be a facilitator of change. So for example, encouraging people to move to sustainable energy sources like solar, as well as electric cars.

We also all need to take responsibility for our own actions and be less wasteful in everything we do.

Overcoming the threats of climate change and biodiversity loss requires a personal as well as community conversion in the way in which we all live.

Paul Donovan is a Redbridge Labour councillor for Wanstead village and blogger. See