A property on the Essex coast is set to feature in this weeks Grand Designs.

Property owner Geoff Wood, 64, decides to sell up his home in Spain, with plans to build a flood resistant property on the Essex coast beside the Blackwater Estuary.

The bold design requires significant amounts of engineering and is raised 4.5m above the ground – high enough to protect it should sea levels rise.

While waiting for his new build to be ready, Geoff lives in a caravan after selling his Spanish home.

But will his flood resistant property sink or swim?

Last week saw Grand Designs head to South Cumbria, where Rob and Ruth hoped to convert an old Blacking Mill into a habitable property.

However, the couple faced difficult straight away when they were told by Historic England that the property was too dangerous to repair.

They changed their plans and instead turned the property into a new build hybrid.

You can catch Grand Designs at 9pm on Channel 4 on Wednesday October 13th.