The latest nasty immigration policy from this government sees it going to elaborate lengths to recreate transportation for the 21st century - only this time to Rwanda, instead of Australia, with the victims desperate refugees rather than unfortunate souls deemed to have broken the laws of empire.

What is it with this country? The Home Office has been able to build up a cruel, inhumane system in the shadows over recent decades to deal with a few desperate people who come here seeking sanctuary.

The victims are constantly demonised as representing a threat, instead of just needing help.

Now, there is a new development which amounts to a hierarchy of victimhood. So a refugee from Ukraine is treated more sympathetically than one from Afghanistan, despite the suffering in both instances likely to be equally grave. (Though the grinding sloth of the system in dealing with Ukrainians has not put them in that much better situation.)

Then, there are those who are so desperate, that they risk all in a final thrust to try to reach sanctuary coming across the Channel.

These few thousand people apparently offer a special threat to Priti Patel and the others who guard the gates of the fifth largest economy in the world.

It really is time the Government of this country stopped behaving in such an insecure and despicable manner to those who simply come here seeking help. Stop, seeing anyone who is different in some way as the other and a threat.

Britain might be an island nation but it has never previously sought to cut itself off from the wider world in such a way. It has always risen to the call to care for others, who are less fortunate.

Indeed, that spirit is visible in abundance amongst the general population, who have opened their doors to refugees from Ukraine.

The government though is something else, time for it to stop behaving so badly and reflect the generosity of spirit of the British people. So, say it loud and say it clear refugees are welcome here!

  • Paul Donovan is a Redbridge Labour councillor for Wanstead village and blogger. See