Many of us opposed Vision RCL’s plan to install a shipping container posing as a café on Wanstead’s Christ Church Green. However, it was installed and we taxpayers expected to see the blessed thing operational because the council said it needed the kiosk’s profits to maintain the green. The local media suggested that it would open for Easter yet it did not. Further, it remained closed over the early May bank holiday. Two big, selling (i.e. income-generating) opportunities have been missed which must raise financial concerns.

Accordingly, I ask these questions. Has Vision or the London Borough of Redbridge come into money so the kiosk need never open? If not, and shortage of money remains the problem, what is wrong with the kiosk? Should a taxpayer expect a kiosk costing that amount of money to fail so soon? So how much did it cost in cold, hard cash? And has Vision kept the receipt?

Charles Llewellyn

Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead