For the last week, residents of Wanstead in Redbridge borough have been enduring a Russian roulette-style experience as to whether they can alight at Wanstead to get home from journeys from central London.

Without any announcements whatsoever at the preceding station, Leytonstone, they have been informed that no trains are stopping at Wanstead Station. They must then detrain at Redbridge, make their way back to Leytonstone, down some 20 steps and up again to cross over to the Eastbound platform to get an Epping-bound train to Snaresbrook. This includes those struggling with accessibility needs, prams, heavy luggage etc.

The reason given for this is staff shortages. For those who have lived in Wanstead long term, we can’t recall this sort of situation before. It is simply staggering.

We are concerned at the apparent inability of the Mayor’s office to be able to negotiate between TfL and the Government to ensure that the Underground, the circulatory system which keeps the London economy alive, is unable to operate at an acceptable level of service.

After all, it was your choice to freeze fares for the last six years as we have watched the fabric and efficiency of the Underground degrade. This freeze is popular in the increasingly difficult circumstances that London families are struggling to cope with. Apparently, however, it’s not realistic when you have been incapable of with the Prime Minister to find a solution. We do realise, the Prime Minister is also not looking for a solution, but while you are both unable to agree, London residents are suffering.

Please, for the sake of Redbridge residents, we ask you to use your good offices to put an end to this shameful situation.

Rosemary Thomas

Wanstead Liberal Democrats