The war in Ukraine has been raging now for almost four months causing untold harm.

Thousands have died, even more have lost their homes and become refugees in their own land.

The response of governments across the globe to the suffering has been to support Ukraine via sending weaponry and imposing sanctions on Russia, while people have opened their homes to take in the refugees.

In many ways the response has been magnificent but where are the voices calling for peace? Where is the peace movement?

During all recent wars the voices calling for peace have been ever present.

But in the case of Ukraine these voices have been more muted.

They seem to have been drowned out by those seeking to send ever more arms to the region.

Of course, many would argue that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not listen. The only thing he understands is force. But the voices calling for peace need to be heard as well.

The peace movement has played a vital role over the years in stopping conflict and reducing militarisation.

The news of the death of the stalwart anti-nuclear and peace campaigner Bruce Kent is a timely reminder of the need for the peace movement to be heard.

Bruce was always in the forefront, articulating the arguments against bloody wars.

He was an important voice calling for the removal of missiles from Greenham Common back in the 1980s.

Among those protesting was the late Sarah Hipperson, who lived in Wanstead for many years.

The witness and actions of Sarah and others made an impact on the Russian, American and British governments when it came to disarmament talks.

The various peace actions of Father Martin Newell - another hailing from Wanstead - in peacefully disarming planes and other weapons of war, has no doubt had an impact. It cost Martin his liberty on a number of occasions but was an important act of witness

Most don’t go to such lengths but simply saying “no” to war and conflict is something everyone can do in their own way.

People are no doubt making the case for peace in Ukraine and many don’t want to hear those voices.

But the call for peace needs to grow louder because every day that goes by is causing more death and destruction.

One death or person displaced from their home is too many.

Paul Donovan is a Redbridge Labour councillor for Wanstead village and blogger. See