A Chingford resident whose road is being resurfaced two months after several 20mph signs were painted has complained of a “waste of money”.

Steve Clack, who lives on Mapleton Road, said he was “stunned” to hear their road will be resurfaced only two months after about 12 speed limit markings, known as roundels, were painted.

Steve told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “They painted all those signs on the road two months ago… and now they are going to resurface. 

“It is a waste of all of our hard-earned bloody money.”

Steve added that drivers do speed “up and down” the road, which is the single access route between several cul-de-sacs and New Road.

In January, the council’s deputy leader Clyde Loakes said roundels painted on the road are the “least intrusive and least expensive option” to solve issues like rat-running. The total cost of the 12 roundels is estimated to be £240.

Explaining the decision to resurface, he added that the markings in this case were “instructed in advance” of the Highway Structural Maintenance programme being agreed.

He added: “Waltham Forest Council is implementing 20mph zones across the Chingford area, including Mapleton Road, to help keep all road users safe following public consultation in August 2021. 

“Mapleton Road will be resurfaced as part of the separate annual Highway Structural Maintenance programme in late June.

“The 20mph road markings were instructed in advance of this year’s maintenance plan being agreed.”

Cllr Loakes said research shows 20mph zones reduce danger for all road users and mean drivers produce less emissions.