GUIDE dogs for the blind are pricking up their ears to the sound of classical music.

Six digital radios were donated by a manufacturer to the Woodford Green's guide dog trainers based at their centre at Findlay House in Manor Road.

When the trainers tuned one of the radios to the station Classic FM, they found that their creatures stopped woofing and started listening.

Dog welfare manager Lynn Docherty said: "We started testing it and noticed the noise level in the dogs was quiet dramatically reduced. They seem to respond to the classical music best so we leave it on for them whenever we can.

"Obviously kennels are not the best place for the dogs, but the music seems to have an effect so we're trying to make the training as good as possible."

The centre has now equipped all offices and kennels with the radios and even leave them on at night because of the positive effect on their pups.

The radio was developed in collaboration with the RNIB and features unique voice feedback technology, specially designed for blind and partially sighted readers.

Manufacturer, Pure, is also donating £1 from the sale of the radios to the charity on an ongoing basis, and has raised £6,000 so far.