A business was "over the moon" to achieve national recognition for its creative sandwich five years ago this week.

A pair of street food traders have won a national award for their clever twist on a sandwich.

Chris and Munish Chopra-Evans’ Asian-fusion signature creation ‘Boom Hanoi’ was named best sandwich at the British Street Food Awards.

The Sticky Bundits’ winning dish, which consists of a rice bun filled with Vietnamese pork and Asian basil chutney, beat over 3,000 other sandwiches.

Chris of Walthamstow set up the company two years ago inspired by his travels across Asian and his time spent living in Japan.

After starting out as a street trader at the Twilight Market, the former teacher went on to grow his business significantly and set up a stall at the famous Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey.

Last summer he relaunched the Walthamstow night market as Night Feast with the help of Munish.

Chris said: “We’re over the moon to be given this award. This is definitely one of the highlights of running the business, especially as the competition was so strong.

“We could debate all day whether it’s a sandwich or a burger, but the main thing is it tastes great and people love it.

“Street food can be a hard craft so we are delighted with the award.

“Munish is a really good front-of-house person who draws customers in and talks to them about the food whereas for me it’s the cooking and the business side of things.”

Sticky Bundits’ next stops will be the Comic Con event in Newham in October and the Hyper Japan event in Tobacco Dock in November.

Awards organiser Richard Johnson said of the winning sandwich: “This is the kind of thing that gets people running for the hills of soy and sticky rice.”