I FEEL very strongly about the article (Guardian, May 15) about parking in Theydon Bois.

Theydon Bois was not built or ever intended to be a public car park for commuters or people that live outside the immediate area.

Consequently, by indiscriminate parking they reduce narrow roads to single lane, cause obstructions which cause at best great inconvenience to delivery drivers, residents' visitors and emergency services, and on some roads are a potential danger to other road users by parking on corners.

The fact there is a school in one road does not deter these drivers from parking on both sides of the road in the vicinity and abandoning their cars from morning to dusk.

Residents were consulted before restrictions were opposed and although not ideal on roads that requested restrictions it has made a major improvement. In fact, some roads that opposed the scheme have now requested a review.

Where it has fallen down is lack of communication by the powers-that-be when lining was to take place. Poor information on the conditions - as I do not think a small A4 note stuck on a tree was sufficient for a whole road - and no prior notice before lining took place leaving gaps in the lines where cars were parked on lining days.

Where I sympathise with commuters from other areas, consideration for our residents is not on their agenda.

How would they feel if the same conditions were imposed on them in their residential roads?

If the pregnant lady featured in the article went into labour and the emergency services could not get to her quickly because of abandoned cars in her road I wonder what her reaction would be then?

Yes, I agree that more parking facilities are required.

Yes, I agree people have got to go to work. Yes, I agree that it is a problem.

But I do not see why these problems should be dumped on a small village just because there were no restrictions at a great inconvenience to residents who have lived here for years.

One more thought, where are the residents of the 300 houses going to park when they are built in Epping and they want to go to work?

Oh, for the foresight of our elected leader.

J White, Morgan Crescent, Theydon Bois.