What sort of democracy is it that operates on these islands? The Conservative Party were elected in 2019 on a manifesto to get Brexit done. They certainly got it partially done – Northern Ireland Protocol exempted. But there were other things, like a moratorium on fracking and some positive green measures.

Wind forward three years and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who did most to win that election, is deposed. His successor Liz Truss is elected by 81,000 Tory party members. Campaigning to become leader and Prime Minister, Truss makes it very clear that she has markedly different ideas to her predecessor, not least on public finances.

The levelling up agenda appears to have taken on a new meaning, more in line with further enriching the already very rich in our society. The Johnsonian version was to try to improve the lot of some of the less well off, particularly in the traditional northern red wall seats the Tories won from Labour in 2019.

Fracking and fossil fuels are back in under Truss.

Cue the mini-budget, reversing tax measures brought in by Johnson’s government, of which she was a part as Foreign Secretary. Huge tax cuts for the rich, little for the poor. The consequences are likely to be more billionaires and more attendees at foodbanks.

The consequences thus far have been disastrous, with the pound and the markets crashing. The cost at which the UK government can borrow has virtually doubled because lenders have no confidence in the new Prime Minister and her Chancellor. The Bank of England has had to step in with a £65 billion package to ensure liquidity in the market, so pension funds don’t start collapsing. The mortgage market has been ceasing up, as lenders withdraw offers.

The reality is that Truss has brought in a whole program for government the country has never had the chance to assess and vote on. Effectively 81,000 Tory members (who voted for Truss) have decided the fate of 67 million plus people. This cannot be right in a democracy – such a radical departure from what was on offer in the Tory manifesto of 2019 needs to go back to the country.

If Truss secures a mandate for her crazy trickle-down economics and climate sceptic policies so be it but the people must have a say. There needs to be a general election now.