The recent comings and goings of Prime Ministers has brought the whole democratic process into disrepute.

The damage done to the economy, pre-empting a possible new period of austerity, will hit everyone.

It has seemed at times like a private game of pass the premiership between a group of entitled Conservative politicians.

Politicians at all levels have been held in increasing contempt over recent years. The expenses scandal seemed to set the ball rolling.

People want honesty and integrity in their politicians. They also want action and stability.

The erosion of trust in politicians and democracy seems even greater in the US.

The supporters of Donald Trump and a large part of the Republican Party have adopted the stance that any election they do not win is rigged.

The excellent ITV documentary: America – The War Within by Robert Moore exposed how dangerous this movement is becoming.

They are attempting to get their people in control of the electoral process at the upcoming mid-term elections, ready for the next Presidential election – when Trump is expected to run again – in 2024.

Democracy really is hanging by a thread in the US.

The reaction must be for people to step forward to defend democracy. This means first and foremost voting. Not voting is an abrogation of responsibility. People died across the world to secure this very basic right to have some say in how our lives are run.

Beyond voting, more people need to come forward to represent their communities.

The paucity of talent, seen across the political spectrum, is due to a failure to attract more people of all abilities from across society.

In order that this can happen people need support – financially in some cases – to be able to make that stand.

The factionalism and cronyism at all levels of government needs to stop.The successful leaders of political parties down the ages have been those who put people in position who have the talent to do the job. Whether they are left, right or centre does not matter, the ability to do the job is what counts.

There needs to be a reconnection between the people and political process. Failure to do so will see the extinguishing of democracy as the world plunges towards authoritarian dictatorship.

  • Paul Donovan is a Redbridge Labour councillor for Wanstead village and blogger. See