A husband and wife team are living on their roof to raise money to transform their street into a "power station".

Daniel Edelstyn, 46, and Hilary Powell, 45, from Lynmouth Road, Walthamstow, are working together to pay for solar panels to be installed on every house on the street. 

The pair, who believe they can show how people can effective even if the Government is not, are sleeping on the roof of their home to raise the money. 

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Hilary said: "Being on the rooftop is our way of showing that something is coming and also making it possible for something to come by raising the money to be able to pay for this first wave of solar across this one street.

"We see it as, yes, it's on one street and this is our home street but it's not just about one street, it's about the potential and street-by-street action.

"It's about how this should be happening across the country more from a state level but if it's not, how we can begin it from the ground up."

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Daniel Edelstyn and Hilary Powell work to turn Lynmouth Road into its own power stationDaniel Edelstyn and Hilary Powell work to turn Lynmouth Road into its own power station (Image: Photo from Daniel Edelstyn and Hilary Powell.)

The pair feel that if the government will not take action to combat the climate crisis, that they can do their best to show people that change is possible.

Daniel added: "We see climate change as potentially an extinction event.

"It's so important and yet it doesn't feel like there are concrete actions happening.

"The technology is here and available but the implementation and the adoption of that technology is woefully slow."

The couple's goal is to act as a blueprint for other streets to replicate their action and turn their own street into a power station.

Hilary added: "It feels like over our lifetime, people have felt less and less empowered to act or that what they do might make a difference because these crises are so big.

"From climate crisis to the energy crisis and now, the cost of living crisis.

"What steps can we take to take action against this if our politicians won't?

"We can take power and make action happen ourselves from our home places, it doesn't have to be in the distant future or from distant places.

"We can do something with what we've got.

"I know that we can't fund every home in Walthamstow, or the country, but the simple steps like coming together in a street-by-street approach - that is replicable."