A Chingford DIY store is celebrating a "great achievement" with its 60th anniversary next week. 

Regal Homes and Gardens, in Station Road, opened in 1963 with the name Mead and Slade.

This became Slade and Sons in 1980 and Regal Homes and Gardens in 2000, run by Martin Slade and his brother Tim.

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Martin said: "Back when I started in 1975, I employed staff that are still there now.

"I think one’s been there 40 years and one’s been there 38 years which means that, not only do the customers see the same faces, they also have the experience of giving them free advice and that’s what the shop is all about.

"[Customers] can come in and ask about something, buy something and go away having the confidence that they’ll be able to fix the problem they have."

He said that the number of DIY stores in the borough have decreased significantly.

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Martin continued: "We're trying to promote people to shop local and save our high street – there's about 20 different restaurants in our high street – so we're battling with that.

"There's very few independent [shops] but we're obviously celebrating 60 years which is a great achievement...

"It's a hard slog but we're still there and we intend to be there for the next decade to celebrate our 70th."

He explained that the store stocks supplies for home and garden maintenance, repair and renovation.

He said: "People come in for the most obscure things and buy one of it rather than having to find it online and buy a pack of ten when they don’t need ten.

"People can come in, buy what they want and get free advice without being charged over the top for something they don’t need."

From Tuesday, May 2 to Saturday, May 13 the store is offering a range of special offers and events.

There will also be the chance to enter a different raffle each day during the period when customers buy an item.

On Saturday, May 13, the store is also offering food and drinks to customers.

Martin added: "I hope we can get some new customers that come in that will start the new generation of customers [to our store]."