What is going on in Wanstead Park? Not a lot some may think.

Certainly former chair of the Friends of Wanstead Park, John Meehan, is a critic. He highlights the continuing disintegration of the lakes system."Say goodbye to the Ornamental lakes. With no plan from the Corporation to dredge, seal or fill with water they have been left to dry out and become a marsh,"says John. And few would disagree.

The waterways in the park have been on the English Heritage at risk register for well over a decade but little seems to be being done to address the situation. Talk of different solutions but no action.

People continue to come to the park in ever greater numbers, as evidenced recently in Chalet Wood, where there has been another fantastic display of bluebells.

It has been great to see the park opened up to cyclists, with cycle loops strategically placed around the park for those who want to use them.

Everyone wants to see the park prosper. There was a park plan put together a few years ago, which is slowly being implemented.

Former head of operations at Epping Forest, Geoff Sinclair, did his best to push forward on this agenda.

However, Geoff left at the end of last year.

All seems to have gone quiet, with a reorganisation going on. Everything is now on hold awaiting new people and structures from the Corporation of London.

Liaison bodies seem to be suspended.

But how much longer will the wait go on? The park needs action now. There needs to be a commitment made in terms of money and resourcing.

It has been underfunded and allowed to run down for too long. A culture of inertia seems to have taken hold.

The Corporation of London need to be honest with the public regarding their commitment to the park. Wanstead Park is a precious oasis of biodiversity - it needs ongoing care and attention. So what are the plans going forward to restore this great park?

  • Paul Donovan is a Redbridge Labour councillor for Wanstead village and blogger. See paulfdonovan.blogspot.com