Italian restaurant Figo sits in Leyton High Street – an up and coming high road which I actually find to be lacking in restaurants.

Figo, however, does its very best to make up for it.

Figo reflects both the tradition and the modern aroma of Italy – and it has a wide-ranging menu with something for everyone.

From meat, to fish, to pastas and pizzas, the plates can be shared and enjoyed on your own.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

I’d been to the Figo in Stratford before, and I was confident that the Figo in Leyton would live up to my high expectations which followed.

They have different vibes – the Figo in Stratford feels very up-market, it’s dark, atmospheric and modern.

The Figo in Leyton is more of a local high street Italian, with a family-feel, and warmth about it.

It’s the kind of place you could go for any occasion – a date night, catch up with friends, birthday, a quick bite to eat or a boozy night out.

There’s an open plan kitchen with a spacious dining area, with floor to ceiling windows which are perfect for noseying, people watching, and also to make it a light, summery area to eat in.

The wood fired oven makes the whole restaurant feel like an Italian village, and I was living for it.

I had the bruschetta to start with, and my boyfriend had the gamberoni alla diavola which is king prawns in a spicy tomato sauce.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

The bruschetta was extremely fresh, made with cherry tomatoes oozing with taste and cheese which melted in the mouth.

For mains I had the salmon which comes with a tomato-based sauce, olives, capers and potato.

I asked for it to be plain, and just with potatoes, and it came exactly like that.

I eat quite a lot of fish and so am naturally quite picky with how I like it to be cooked and how I like it to taste.

This salmon certainly fit the bill, and had a grilled barbecue flavour to it from its crisp outside, while being perfectly moist in the middle.

My boyfriend ordered the risotto which he thoroughly enjoyed and we shared some zucchini and some broccoli on the side.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

I was definitely full, definitely satisfied with what I’d eaten, and definitely did not need dessert – but I can’t resist and especially not when you know it’s going to be good.

My boyfriend gave me the reins and let me choose – and I couldn’t decide between the chocolate fondant which is made specially for those who order, or the panna cotta.

I often go for chocolate so I decided to do something different, and my taste buds thanked me for it.

The panna cotta was creamy, light and all-round delicious.

I had a lovely evening, leaving the restaurant with a full stomach, heart and smile.