A Met Police officer has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman at Brighton beach.

Laurance Knight, 34, of Albert Road in Leyton was at his stag party at the beach on July 17, 2021 when the incident occurred.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said Knight and the victim, a woman in her 20s, went for a swim at the sea where he assaulted her in the water.

The woman, they said, confronted Knight verbally after which the stag group left the beach. She reported the incident to Sussex police on the same day.

Twelve days later, on July 28, Knight was arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault.

He was a serving Metropolitan Police Sergeant at the time of the offence but was suspended from duty by Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards following the arrest.

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He was released on conditional bail but was subsequently charged with both offences. Southwark Crown Court has since found him guilty of sexual assault and not guilty of rape on Thursday (June 29).

Knight has again been released on bail currently, pending his sentencing on July 28 this year at the Southwark Crown court.

Following the conclusion of criminal proceedings, Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards will initiate a misconduct proceeding, it announced.

Detective Sergeant Sean Booth, of Sussex Police’s Safeguarding Investigation Unit, called it a “horrific act” by a Met Police officer who, instead of protecting the public, “took advantage of a vulnerable woman”.

He expressed his gratitude to the victim “for her courage” in supporting the investigation.

He said: “The public rightfully expects police officers to adhere to the highest standards. Laurence Knight is an offender who has no place in any police force and will now face justice for his crimes.

“Sussex Police will diligently investigate any crime against vulnerable people, bring perpetrators to justice – regardless of their profession - and ensure victims receive the support they need.”