The Wanstead Beer Festival is set to join the calender of local events for the autumn.

Save the date: October 14 in Christchurch Halls - for one day only!

There has been a great response since the idea was first voiced back in February.
A team of enthusiasts have come together, to  bring the event to life. It's never too late though to join in - all volunteers are welcome.

There will be an excellent array of cask beers on offer, mainly drawn from the local area but some from further afield. Craft, lager and wine will also be present, catering for all tastes.

It is amazing just what an ale centre East London has become over recent years. There are many brewers around the Blackhorse Road area of Walthamstow, including Beerblefish, Wild Card, Pretty Decent, Excel, Hackney and Signature to name but a few.
The tap rooms of these breweries offer a chance to try real beer within a real brewing environment.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Paul Donovan is looking to The Wanstead Beer Festival in October Paul Donovan is looking to The Wanstead Beer Festival in October (Image: Paul Donovan)

Now, of course is a time when the beer festivals come thick and fast. Ealing and Chelmsford have had festivals in the last week, with Epping and Ongar this week. 
Epping and Ongar has the added attraction of the trains going up and down the track between Epping and Ongar. Beer and steam trains, what's not to like?

Then, there is the biggest of them all the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia, during the first week of August. 

All these festivals are run by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) who have done so much to promote ale, as well as pubs nationwide.

The Wanstead Beer festival will draw on many breweries and volunteers in seeking to create a unique event amid the picturesque setting of Christchurch. The festival is a not for profit event, with excess money made being distributed to local charities. 

So don't miss out on this unique event, to come and enjoy a drink with friends and neighbours in the community. Tickets will soon be going on sale. So watch this space.