A SEVERELY disabled man whose care package was cut in half could get it reinstated after a Government inquiry was launched following a Guardian campaign.

Matthew Brook, of Roding Lane North in Woodford Green, is deaf, almost completely blind and is the UK's oldest survivor of keratitis ichthyosis - a rare condition making his skin thick and flaky and needing daily checks for life-threatening cancers.

The 42-year-old is fighting to get his care package re-instated by Redbridge Council and Primary Care Trust after it was cut from 11 hours to just five-and-a-half hours a day.

And since his sister Helen Coughlan appeared on ITN and BBC national news to highlight their plight, a representative from the Department of Health has started a thorough review of the case.

Miss Coughlan explained: "When he called he had most of the facts already and only needed to check a few details. He said he was going to be arranging a meeting with (Redbridge PCT chief executive) Heather O'Meara.

"Matthew had another cancerous growth cut off yesterday and another two burnt off. The district nurse was looking on in disbelief and I know they can't cope.

"They have been so underhand as they cut his care package last Tuesday without any prior warning."

Mr Brook also has a serious form of autistic spectrum Aspergers syndrome leaving him with the mental age of eight or nine, as well as severely deformed feet meaning that he is forced to shuffle on his knees to move.

His 72-year-old mother, Marion, is worried that she would be unable to cope if there was an emergency at home while she was looking after Mr Brook if the package was cut.

She said: "If nobody is around and he falls then I can't help him. He doesn't hear the telephone ring or even the door bell."

Mr Brook's GP, Dr Sanjeeda Ahmed, of Broadway Surgery in Monkhams Avenue, Wood-ford Green, said she was appalled by the decision to cut his care.

She added: "His health care needs are, in fact, increasing as his mobility is deteriorating and his sight is deteriorating.

"Every aspect of his illness is getting worse so it's ridiculous that his care package is being reduced."

A spokesman for Redbridge PCT told the Guardian: "A thorough review of Mr Brook's care package has already been carried out but we will fully co-operate with any inquiry to ensure independent assessors are satisfied with the council's earlier decision."