Since 1999, the face of London has changed tenfold. 

Gone are the days of vintage AEC Routemaster and £2 pints, now you can expect to pay upwards of £6 for a pint of beer and hop on to a closed-door bus. 

Now, the days of 1999 are being brought back, as an unearthed YouTube video has reminded Londoners what the capital was once like. 

Posted by user kiddlesk, the video takes viewers through the streets of Central London in 1999. 

Describing the video, the YouTube creator shared: "Camcorder footage of a typical run through central London, past many familiar sights."

Sharing why they thought now was the right time to post the video, they shared the recent changes to pollution laws in London suggested the capital will look different in years to come, writing: 

"In many ways, it's unchanged from today (2021) but, with the need to reduce inner-city pollution such scenes will seem very unusual in years to come."

YouTube video shows what London was like in 1999

In the video, much of the streets of London look the same as the many buildings we see today remain from past times. 

But, one of the biggest reminders of the change of times is the Metrocabs of the 90s, the less fashionable version of the classic black cab that ended service in 2006.

Driving through the streets of London, there seemed to be endless building works as classic architecture was replaced by modern glass-clad offices.

Many who spent time in London during the late 1990s were happy to see the video, as one viewer commented: "As someone who grew up in London in the 1990s and 2000s this is incredibly nostalgic."

Adding: "This really captures the atmosphere of London 24 years ago. The late 90s and early 00s were a much more optimistic time."

Another viewer shared: "Born and raised in London and whilst watching this I realised that, although a lot has changed, actually so much has stayed the same. There wasn't a moment where I didn't recognise roughly or exactly where you were."