Angela has experienced a lot of sad losses in recent years, but that hasn't crushed her kind heart and care for others.

Her daughter died in her teens and her husband died three years ago in an incident which she attributes to poor care in a hospital.

When we spoke she was struggling to complete the probate forms; not only are these complex but they trigger sad emotions in her. Her husband was in receipt of PIP which was part of the family income. 

After her husband died Angela suffered a serious fall and was no longer able to work.  She spoke with pride of her rewarding working life in prisons helping residents to learn and rehabilitate. She had a good understanding of the prison service and had even been abroad to research best practice. 

Being unable to work is another loss in Angela’s life and together these have taken their toll on her emotional wellbeing. 

She’d like to support the foodbank with her evident skills and empathy, but is unclear whether she would be allowed to under the terms of her benefits, even though she is now past retirement age. 

When she visits the foodbank she appreciates the company of the people who work and volunteer there and would like to join them. She has lots of ideas that would benefit the foodbank, especially if they decided to open a baby bank. 

Angela had a crisis recently due to a parking fine that was imposed due to her disabled badge expiring.  

She has been going to the foodbank about once a fortnight. She believes that benefits won't be paid till after January now which will be a stress on her finances.  A cost of living payment is due but she says they almost go out faster than they come in.

She has a dog that she loves dearly – her best friend – and sometimes they have to share the food from the foodbank. Pet food donations make a big difference to a lot of people. 

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Jane Evans is a trustee of Epping Forest Foodbank.