Rising French Tennis Star Leyna Bey Shares Insights into Her Journey


In a recent interview, Leyna Bey, a rising star in French tennis, provided a glimpse into her passion for the sport and her aspirations for the future. Let's delve into some of the highlights of the conversation:

Early Beginnings and Inspirations:

Bey, who hails from Bezons, began her tennis journey at the tender age of three, inspired by her brothers who were actively involved in club tennis. When asked about her tennis idols, she cited Serena Williams, praising her for the power she exudes on the court.

"I really admire what Serena Williams does, it's the power she has in her shots, honestly."

Daily Training Regimen:

Describing her typical training day, Bey revealed a rigorous schedule starting at 7:00 AM, with sessions lasting until mid-morning, followed by additional training with her brothers, coached by her father. Despite her demanding routine, Bey maintains a comprehensive approach to her training, focusing on all aspects of her game.

"I wake up in the morning around 7:00 AM, and I train from 7:05 to 10:05, sometimes until 11:05. Then, I train with my brothers and my father who is my coach for 2 hours."

Balancing Education and Tennis:

Regarding her education, Bey balances her tennis career with homeschooling, utilizing a virtual classroom provided by the federation. This arrangement allows her to pursue her academic studies while dedicating ample time to training and competitions.

"Since 6th grade, I've been homeschooling. The federation created an online school, so I connect precisely at 1:00 PM, and there's a teacher and classmates."

Tournament Trials and Tribulations:

Reflecting on her recent tournament experiences, Bey expressed disappointment with her performance at the "Tournoi des Petits As," attributing her underwhelming results to nervousness and tension during matches. However, she acknowledged the learning opportunities the tournament provided and remains determined to excel in future competitions.

"It was very disappointing because I had prepared well, and I thought I would achieve good results. But I was very tense during my first match and couldn't relax."

Future Aspirations:

Looking ahead, Bey's ambitions include representing France in international competitions such as the "Fake Cup" and the "Fumeur Cup." Despite setbacks, she remains resilient in her pursuit of success on the tennis circuit.

"My goals were to be part of the French team. But unfortunately, they chose others, so I will work even harder for the Fake Cup and the Fumeur Cup."


Bey's story exemplifies the dedication and determination required to excel in the competitive world of professional tennis. With her talent and drive, she is poised to make a significant impact in the sport and inspire aspiring athletes worldwide.


Pierre Cotteau de Simencourt