Four people have been found guilty of murdering a drug dealer after luring him into a trap.

The suspects appeared at the Old Bailey on Friday (March 22) where they were pronounced guilty of killing 25-year-old Jordon Briscoe in March 2023 after luring him into a trap with a drug deal.

Three of them - 43-year-old Karl Black of Cassiobury Road, 18-year-old Ayyub Kigoz of Salop Road and  21-year-old Jabir Sitar of Clacton Road - were identified as being from Walthamstow.

Jahoe Allen, 33, of Kings Road, Uxbridge, was named as the fourth member of the group.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Carl BlackCarl Black (Image: Met Police)A woman, Christina Manen, 36, of Lancaster Close, Ramsgate in Kent, was also found guilty of manslaughter. She had posed as a fake buyer of cannabis and phoned Jordan to meet at an address in Tottenham.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Christina ManenChristina Manen (Image: Metropolitan Police)The Metropolitan Police were called to Arnold Road at around 10.15pm on Sunday (March 5), 2023.

Officers and medics from London Ambulance Service tried providing first aid but Jordan was pronounced dead after arriving at hospital.

A post-mortem examination found the cause of death to be sharp force trauma to the chest.

Specialist murder detectives investigating the killing later pieced together the events of the evening.

Officers recovered Jordan’s phone at the scene, which showed that he had sent a message to 21 people earlier that evening offering cannabis for sale.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Ayyub KigozAyyub Kigoz (Image: Met Police)Jordan’s call records revealed that Manen had sent Jordan a location to meet so she could buy drugs.

At around 9.53pm that night, doorbell footage recovered by officers showed a group surround and question Jordan for around 11 minutes, asking him about drugs, his name, age and religion.

They were then believed to have killed him while moving out of the camera’s view.

One person was heard saying “let’s go let’s go” before they were captured by the camera leaving the scene.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Jabir SitarJabir Sitar (Image: Met Police)Officers gathered CCTV from before and after the murder, which revealed that the group had met at Black’s address in Cassiobury Road before heading to the site in Tottenham.

Just before they left, Allen was seen out of the house appearing to do a jabbing motion towards the stomach area, pre-empting what was about to happen.

In addition, Jordan’s girlfriend told the police that a man wearing a ski mask had come to her home to say Jordan had been involved in an altercation and “it wasn’t looking good for him”, before asking if she found him attractive.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Jahoe AllenJahoe Allen (Image: Met Police)The man, the police said, led her to Arnold Road where she came across the police cordon. Officers matched the man’s description with CCTV images and identified him as Jahoe Allen.

All four attackers are due to be sentenced on Monday, April 29.

Detective Chief Inspector Linda Bradley, who led the investigation, said Jordan’s family remained devastated by his loss.

She added that while the four of the defendants gave evidence during the trial, they tried to blame each other for the murder.

Chief Insp Bradley said: “The jury saw through their lies.

“We are pleased the jury accepted our evidence and that these four male defendants will now face a significant amount of time behind bars.”