In case you've not noticed, London is due to elect its next Mayor in early May and the pre-election period is now well and truly in swing.

And by swing, I mean that the two main contenders for the post are busy trying to land wild blows on each other already.

Several mayoral candidates have already attacked not just the ultra low emissions zone (Ulez) expansion, but also Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and even 20mph zones.

Normally, the London Cycling Campaign would try and persuade such politicians with evidence and reasoning why cycling should be important. Instead, this time, we're just going to have some fun – as befits cycling.

The campaign we've just launched to coincide with these elections hopefully says it all: 'London Loves Cycling'.

Through April, we're asking Londoners – including those from Hampstead, Highgate and further afield – to showcase their love of cycling in our fair capital city. We're simply pointing out that London already loves cycling and are asking you to join us in making that clear.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Simon Munk is encouraging cycling Londoners to get in touch with the Mayoral candidatesSimon Munk is encouraging cycling Londoners to get in touch with the Mayoral candidates (Image: Simon Munk)

Not only is cycling part of the transport mix we need more of to tackle several crises London faces, namely climate emissions, pollution, inactivity-related ill health and road danger – but importantly, it's also often joyful, fun, freeing.

As progressive boroughs including Camden, Islington and Haringey of late, expand the network of safe routes for cycling, it's increasingly possible - whether you're eight or 80 - to get on an (e)bike and pootle around.

TfL Cycleways from Hampstead and Highgate reach into central London, with more on the way, including from Camden to Finsbury Park in construction now, while LTNs provide quieter routes into and across neighbourhoods.

Due to the rapid expansion of this network of routes, London now cycles an average of 1.26 million journeys daily, equivalent to a third of the tube. Cycling isn't a niche hobby for those puffing up Swain's Lane on a Saturday. It's for grans on ebikes and cargo bike parents and tots. It's a mainstream, sensible mode of transport for millions of Londoners. And one that's mostly great fun and hugely freeing too.

To remind the next Mayor of this, we're asking London to tell the candidates what they love about cycling in our city – and what they want the next Mayor to do to help more people join in the fun.

Please go to today and send your love letter to the Mayoral candidates.

  • Simon Munk is from London Cycling Campaign.