As I deep dive further into middle age, and the body gives up its gamut of ghosts, I continue in my one-man quest for activity to occupy my time. Yes, I have taken up ‘droning’ which is met by the casual observer as a threat to their very being.

My brother, of a similar vintage, has taken up metal detecting which I have poured scorn upon until, that is, he found an Edward VI penny a few weeks ago which should pay for a decent summer holiday and a new rig should he so wish.

Recently I got thinking when my 12-year-old asked me when the new series of The Apprentice was starting (we are both fans of the grizzled Lord and the hapless wannabees), and it was then I realised that I lived near to where they film the taxi ‘you’re fired’ scene. Granted, it only gave us but 10 minutes of entertainment, but I gleefully filmed young Millie walking away from the non-descript doors as I shouted, ‘You’re fired!’ at her despite her obvious embarrassment.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Brett Ellis didn't realise that he was already a set-jetterBrett Ellis didn't realise that he was already a set-jetter

Shortly after that detour, I read about a new ‘hobby’ which really appeals and one which I had not realised I had already lost my virginity to – ‘set-jetting’.

As the name suggests, it is a collection of film and TV ‘fans’ who travel, sometimes internationally, to famous filming locations where they try, and inevitably fail, to recreate the film's scene in pictorial form.

I realised that, although I had not put a label on such activity, I had been a participant for years: Being pictured outside Doc Martin's house in Port Isaac, Cornwall (the two-bed cottage was recently up for sale for a ‘cool’ £1.15m), recreating the ‘What’s the story’ album cover in central London, being pictured outside McCartney's recording studio in Winchelsea, the hideout from Lock, Stock in Borough, Quadrophenia Alley in Brighton and Hugh’s flat from Love Actually in Portobello Road.

There's certainly gold in them their hills for travel companies. They are currently attempting to cash in by offering packages to view sets in far-flung locations. The most popular destination this year? Venice Beach in California which was used for Barbie and New Jersey which is a marvel hotspot - apparently.

As for me, with my remit of keeping the costs down and interest up, I aim to make the most of what is on my doorstep and, to that end, I plan to surprise my 12-year-old with a trip to St Albans to visit HMP Slade from Porridge fame which now acts as the town’s registry office.

I have not broken the news to her yet, but maybe, just maybe I can give her the bug as we set jet the south of England on the coattails of silver screen legends of yesteryear…

  • Brett Ellis is a teacher.