Voluntary Action Epping Forest is delighted to announce that it has received additional funding from Essex County Council’s Carers Community Fund for its life-changing Benefits Advice and Guidance Service.

From next month (May 2024), the VAEF Benefits Advice and Guidance service in Epping Forest will provide vital assistance to those caring for housebound residents and assist with benefit applications and signposting to essential support services.

Specifically designed for carers facing challenges in accessing traditional office-based support, the service prioritises those caring for individuals with disabilities. 

In helping clients understand and process available benefits, VAEF aims to help with the unique burdens often faced by housebound carers, ensuring they receive necessary aid and information in the comfort of their homes.

In addition to benefit applications, the service offers support for council tax benefits, pension credits, blue badges and bus pass applications. 

Clients also receive valuable information on accessing local clubs, community transport schemes and support groups which will improve their overall well-being. This approach ensures improved access to local activities and support.

VAEF's ongoing Benefits Advice service for housebound residents in Epping Forest takes a significant leap forward with expanded support for carers. 

Building upon its successful track record from April 2015 to March 2023, VAEF's Benefits Advice has supported 1,911 Epping Forest residents, resulting in £2,675,434.96 awarded in annual benefits.

Jina Symes, who heads up the VAEF Benefits Advice and Guidance service, said, “We are so pleased to receive this extra funding as it will help us to help the more vulnerable members of our local community”.

For more information or to book an appointment with our Benefits Advice and Guidance team, please call 01992 910 701 or visit our webpage (vaef.org.uk).

  • Lisa Sharp is from Voluntary Action Epping Forest.