The capital is the "best city in the world" according to some Londoners - but others "hate it" and can't wait to leave.

London has often been praised for its vibrant culture, heritage, and "wonderful" parks, and these are among residents' favourite parts of living in the city.

Nevertheless, Londoners are divided as others paint a picture of a city that has lost its charm.

Sarah Lockwood said: "It’s the best city in the world!

"It has everything.

"Of course, it has its problems like every capital city but it is undeniably a fantastic city."

Anna Robertson agreed saying there is "so much to do and see" in London, including "great live music, theatre, arts", as well as "loads of great green spaces".

Indeed, London's parks were often mentioned as one of the best things about living in the city.

The capital was even named as one of the UK's 'greenest regions' in a recent study.

Jane Susanna Ennis said that, although she no longer lives in London, she still misses the museums and "wonderful parks and gardens".

She said: "The Regent's Park and Primrose Hill is probably my favourite, but I love Chelsea Physic Garden too."

73-year-old Phoebe Brooks still remains in awe of the "sheer history of the place" after seven decades of living in London, and said she will "never want to live anywhere else".

Other Londoners have a different view.

One resident commented: "Used to be lovely, but it’s changed so much, not for the better!"

Jacqueline Carey confessed: "I’ve lived in London 52 years and hate it!"

Daniel George Hurry joked that the best thing about London is "the regular trains to leave".

Recent data from the Telegraph ranks London as one of the best cities in Britain, placing eleventh out of 69 cities in total.

All cities were judged on four categories - hospitality and amenities, culture and heritage, nature and green spaces, and transport - with London scoring best for culture and heritage.