The London Eye has been called a "glorified ferris wheel" by some TripAdvisor reviewers - as research suggests it is the most "overrated" attraction in the UK.

Although the iconic landmark has a TripAdvisor rating of 4.5 stars, some Londoners and tourists alike are far from impressed with the attraction.

The famous Eye has gained a total of 2,523 two-star and 1,372 one-star reviews, with hundreds of reviews mentioning its "extremely expensive" price.

One couple visiting in December 2023 described the London Eye as an "overpriced, overrated tourist trap", saying that they thought it was expensive for "a slow ride over looking London".

Daniel Son said: "Getting my wallet stolen would have been cheaper.

"It costs around £250 for a family.

"To ride a ferris wheel for around 20 min."

Londoner Robert B praised the views from the landmark, but at the end of the day he said: "This is a glorified ferris wheel, a massive one, but a ferris wheel no the less."

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Many reviewers mentioned the 'absurd' priceMany reviewers mentioned the 'absurd' price (Image: PA Wire/PA Images)

It comes as new research conducted by Preply, an online English course provider, named the London Eye as the UK's most "overrated" and "underwhelming" tourist attraction in the country.

Preply's research looked at visitor reviews from major travel platforms to determine which UK sites had the most reviews mentioning "underwhelming", "overrated" and "tourist trap".

The London Eye ranked number one on this list, with 1,028 reviews including these phrases.

A spokesperson for the London Eye said: "We have never heard of this research, which is not reflected by the feedback on recognised sites where the London Eye is rated #3 of 90,000+ things to do in the UK, and 83% of guests rate the attraction as “excellent” or “very good”.

"Our own data from thousands of guests every week tells us they have a wonderful time, with 96% telling us they are satisfied or very satisfied with their visit in 2023.

"The London Eye is one of the UK’s most-loved and visited attractions, right at the centre of the South Bank, directly across from Big Ben, it is in the heart of London."

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The famous London attraction has welcomed more than 85 million visitors since it opened in 2000, and although some people were "underwhelmed" by their trip, thousands of TripAdvisor reviewers have rated the Eye as 'excellent' or 'very good'.

Where tourists were unsure on their visit, it was mostly down to having to share their pod with others.

One reviewer said: "There are some strangers you don't want to be locked in a box with for half an hour."

Fair enough.