A mother from Barking has completed a weeks-long travel challenge with her daughter as part of a BBC show.

Eugenie, a 60-year-old teacher, finished Series 4 of BBC's Race Across The World in second place in last night's final episode (May 29), alongside her 25-year-old daughter Isabel. 

The duo were one of five pairs that set out to win £20,000 by trekking across eastern Asia to reach the finish point without a phone, flights, or bank cards.

In previous episodes, Eugenie and Isabel had fallen behind the leaders by around 12 hours as they neared the final checkpoint. 

However, they managed to claw their way back until they were level-pegging with leaders Alfie and Owen going into the final leg.

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During a dramatic final episode, the two pairs embarked on a foot race for the very final part of the journey to the finish point in Lombok, Indonesia.

Best friends Alfie and Owen edged out Eugenie and Isabel by just eight minutes. 

Ahead of last night's final episode, the contestants appeared on This Morning to speak about their time on the show.