Visitors using London parks are being reminded that barbecues are banned in the wake of one serious fire.

The Royal Parks charity has reminded visitors that while picnics were always welcome, BBQs and fire lighting are strictly forbidden throughout its open spaces.

This ban is in place to minimise the risk of accidental fires - such as one that broke out in Richmond Park - which can be caused by falling embers and ash.

Fires can rapidly spread across dry grass, especially in hot weather, posing a danger to staff, visitors, and the environment.

It is also likely to destroy wildlife habitats and endanger animal species that call the parks home.

The royal charity also reminded visitors to dispose of their litter correctly, either by taking it home or using the available litter bins to prevent a fire hazard.

This especially includes glass bottles, which can escalate the risk of fire.

During the hot weather this weekend, the charity has reiterated that swimming is also banned in any of its lakes and ponds, with the exception of the Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park during its operational hours.

This rule is put in place to preserve the sensitive natural habitats in these areas, as well as prevent accidents.

The Royal Parks charity manages several well-known parks including Richmond Park, Bushy Park, Greenwich Park, Primrose Hill, and The Regent's Park,