The owner of Taylor Swift's 'favourite' kebab shop says he now gets visits from fans from all over the world - who order the superstar's favourite meal.

Swift, 34, was once a "regular" customer at Kentish Delight, according to Ahmed Khan - who has run the takeaway for over a decade. 

Mr Khan, 55, said the singer-songwriter would visit "multiple times a month" when she was dating ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn - a British actor who grew up in nearby Tufnell Park. 

It emerged in recent days that Swift has placed "a huge order" ahead of her Eras Tour concerts at Wembley Stadium this weekend.

Ahmed Khan owns Kentish Delights. Ahmed Khan owns Kentish Delight. (Image: SWNS)

Mr Khan said that the number of meals has not been finalised yet but added that he knew it included chicken shish kebabs and falafel wraps. 

And, he even revealed what Taylor's favourite order was - a chicken doner kebab with lots of salad, garlic mayo, and some chilli sauce. 

Meet the owner of Taylor Swift's favourite kebab shop in London

He said: "Taylor used to come in all the time when she lived in London. Her boyfriend lived only ten minutes away. 

Taylor Swift filmed her 'End Game' video in the shop.Taylor Swift filmed her 'End Game' video in the shop. (Image: SWNS)

"The two of them would come in together - multiple times a month sometimes." 

Mr Khan said he has had 'Swifties' from "all over the world" visiting the kebab shop ever since the musician filmed parts of her 'Endgame' music video there back in 2017. 

The video, which also stars Ed Sheeran and Future, sees Taylor partying through Miami, Tokyo, and finally London - with Kentish Delight making a feature. 

Kentish Delight.Kentish Delight. (Image: SWNS)

Mr Khan said: "I have a Taylor fan in here every day. They come from all over the world - Europe, North America, South America. France, Spain, Mexico, Chile...

"One fan came all the way from Brunei just to come to our kebab shop." 

Julia Steczek, from Poland, had come to Kentish Delight on Wednesday (June 19) specifically to visit a "Taylor Swift spot". 

The 17-year-old said: "It's our first day in London and I knew I wanted to come here. 

"It's one of the Taylor Swift spots to visit." 


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Julia ordered Taylor's favourite meal - a chicken doner kebab - to fuel her before she heads to the star's concert on Friday (June 21). 

"I'm going on Friday," Julia said. "I can't wait." 

Taylor is due to perform the first three of eight sold-out gigs at London's Wembley Stadium - which has a capacity of 90,000 - on Friday (June 21), Saturday (June 22), and Sunday (June 23).

She will then head to an array of other European cities - performing in Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan, and more - before returning to London to play another five concerts between August 15 and August 20.