Elderly fans of West Ham United and children are being pushed into the hardest-to-access seats of its ground, a fan group has claimed.

Hammers United (HU) slammed the club they support after West Ham stopped new concessionary season tickets for under 18s, 21s and over 66s for the 2024/25 Premier League season in "all but a tiny number of seats".

The HU fan group accused West Ham of placing elderly and young fans seeking season tickets to the back of the stadium with "the worst views on the pitch".

This paper understands that only existing and accessible season ticket holders will be allowed to purchase season tickets in bands one to four at concession rates if they do so before the end of the renewal period.

Those concessionary season ticket holders will also lose their discount if they choose to relocate to seating other than in bands five and six.

These bands are the seats located at the very back of each end of the London Stadium.

Terry Messenger, a HU member, questioned how elderly West Ham fans, children and those with mobility problems will access their seats.

"It's just plain mean," Terry said. "Many elderly people suffer from mobility difficulties - how are they supposed to climb all those steps?

"Likewise how are children's little legs going to cope," he added.

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Terry Messenger said the move from West Ham was 'plain mean'Terry Messenger said the new ticketing policy from West Ham was 'plain mean' (Image: Terry Messenger)

A petition from HU titled "oppose season ticket prices and changes to concession tickets" has had 8,537 signatures as of July 1.

HU said it has received the support of east London MP candidates as well as other politicians from a range of different parties.

The group launched its campaign in a bid to stop fans being hit by what they say are inflated ticket prices.

Terry said: "They're shoving granny, grandad and the nippers to the very top of the stands.

"The least accessible seats are reserved for the people with the least ability to reach them," he added.

West Ham United declined to comment.