A PENSIONER who was slapped with a £100 parking fine after he failed to notice new restrictions on a street where he had been parking for 12 years is threatening to take Redbridge Council to the European Court of Justice.

Harry Royds, 87, has been refusing to pay the “unfair and unjust” £100 penalty since May, and has now been threatened with a £5,000 fine and a prosecution unless he coughs up the cash.

Mr Royds, of Sunset Avenue, Woodford Green, said: “It’s just completely unjust.

“I’ve been parking here for 12 years with no problem, and there was a big row of cars so it seemed fine to park there like I’ve always done.

“There are big police signs up everywhere warning people about thieves but the new council signs were so small I didn’t even notice them. They have not let people know about the changes.

“I am not the most mobile of people because of my age and I only parked there for a quarter of an hour to go to the post office.

“The silly thing is it’s now supposed to be residents parking, yet there is forest on both sides of the road. The only residents there are squirrels and foxes.”

Retired Mr Royds added: “I served in the war for five years to help save my country from the Nazis, I’ve always paid my taxes and been a good citizen. I don’t deserve to be treated like this by Redbridge Council.

“These parking wardens should go after people who haven’t paid their insurance rather than people like me.”

Mr Royds added he was willing to let his case be heard by an independent arbitrator, but unless Redbridge Council allowed him to do that he would continue to resist the fine.

“I’ll take this to Europe if I have to,” he added.

A council spokeswoman said: "Controlled Parking (CPZ) was introduced in the area on the 24 April 2008, at the request of Area Committee 2 and following full consultation with residents.

"The area the vehicle was parked is within the controlled zone and is sign posted.

"Mr Royds lives just outside the boundary of the CPZ and the area is clearly sign posted with Boundary Zone signs.

"The Penalty Charge was issued as the vehicle did not display a valid Residents or Visitors Permit or Blue badge.

"We do not give out information on individual cases but if Mr Royds wishes to make a further appeal he can do so following the instructions contained on the Notice to Owner issued on August 19 2008.

"If he chooses to take this action then he needs to do so by no later than 16 September 2008."