A SECTION of a major cycle lane has been left without grit in spite of a leaking water pipe and freezing temperatures.

The section is formed of a slope running underneath the Billet roundabout, Chingford Road and is intended to provide cyclists with a safe way to leave Chingford Road.

However, because of the water leak, believed to be within the wall of the structure, or from Cecil Road above it, it has been covered with dangerous sheet ice.

Keith Foster, 58, of Farnan Avenue, Walthamstow, said: “On New Year’s eve the gritting lorries had salted Chingford Road for vehicles but the cycle lanes at the Billet had still been forgotten.

“The council has had 14 winters to get into the habit of gritting this location since it opened in 1994, and they still treat cyclists and cycle lanes with utter contempt.”

Mr Foster also claims that although some salt was later put down on the slope, this was insufficient, as ice has since formed over the top.

“It beggars belief,” he said.

“Since I brought up the matter, some rock salt has been spread throughout the area, but it has been far too random and most definitely without any particular intelligence as to where it should be spread.”

He added that most of the grit had been spread in the sheltered area below the underpass formed by the Billet roundabout, which is not exposed and is less susceptible to ice.

Cabinet member for environment Cllr Bob Belam said: "As I'm sure most residents will understand, it just isn't possible for us to grit every single one of the borough's roadways and cycle lanes.

"However, due to Mr Foster's complaint, a gritting truck was sent to the area to help combat the problem."

The council have also reported the leaking water pipe to Thames Water.

Residents who are concerned about icy roads can view the council's Winter Maintenance Plan by clicking here.