TOO many innocent people in London are being stopped and searched using powers under the Terrorism Act, it has been claimed.

Figures released by the Metropolitan Police show 157,000 stop and searches took place in the 12 months up to September last year.

But only 1,200 of those incidents resulted in an arrest.

Young people in Waltham Forest have voiced concerns about a perceived over-use of stop and search and some say the approach of some police has caused increased mistrust.

The force insists that it is using stop and search properly bit is aware of the sensitivities.

Barrister Sebastian Gardiner has called on the police to curb its use of the power under Section 44 of the Act and says it is being used when terrorist activity is highly unlikely.

A Metropolitan Police report, published in 2004, said the power “trampled on the basic human rights of too many Londoners.”

The police say very few complaints have been received from the public over stop and search.