CCTV enforcement cars will become a more common site on Waltham Forest's roads next year - as the council is to double the size of its fleet.

The number of vehicles, which are used to catch people committing moving traffic offences such as driving in bus lanes and stopping in box junctions, will increase to six.

The cars are controversial for many motorists, who claim that the vehciles are used merely to increase revenue by catching them out and do not improve road safety.

George Panteli, 52, of Harold Road, succeeded in getting a controversial yellow box junction, in Burghley Road, Leytonstone, removed last year because it did not meet Government guidelines.

Mr Panteli said: "The use of these smart cars is a 100 per cent money-making scheme.

"They sit and take pictures of motorists in traffic who can't help but encroach into a box, while ignoring those that actually drive dangerously."

Cllr Matt Davis, Conservative council group leader, described the move as "another example of the council oppressing the people of Waltham Forest."