ANOTHER crash on a dangerous road in Waltham Abbey has added strength to the campaign for more safety measures.

A petition for traffic calming measures on Honey Lane that was started after a young driver nearly died in an horrific crash on July 7, has attracted more names since a car pulling out of Rosebank to turn right into the lane, collided with another car travelling southbound on July 22.

Luckily this time there were no injuries but residents believe that it is just a matter of time before an accident proves fatal.

Honey Lane resident Joanne Packwood is helping lead the campaign for speeding restrictions.

She said: "We're all fed up with the speeding vehicles racing up and down Honey Lane, we need urgent action by the county council.

"They've told me they're looking into it at the moment, but it didn't take that long for another crash- It just proves what we've been saying all along.

“People come off the M25 here and just speed down the road, what we need is a camera. I don't even cross the road anymore, I'm too scared and the only crossing we've got is an island in the middle of the road, not ideal when you've got two small children with you and the cars are shooting past on both sides.”

“I will continue to push for them to do something, I'm told that a boy died on this road in 1990, and the last thing we want is for it to happen again.”