CONFUSION over who is responsible for a section of high street pavement has led to potholes so large someone will seriously hurt themselves, residents have warned.

Large holes have formed in the area by the bus stop near Butlers, Pink, and Royal Ribs, in Loughton High Road, with many people, and particularly elderly shoppers, concerned about falling.

Norma Cross, from Loughton, said: “When it rains these holes are filled with water and people can't see them. An elderly person walking along might not see them. I know a blind lady who's recently lost her dog. It will be murder if she goes there. I'm just so concerned someone's going to have a really bad fall there. I think it's the worst pavement in Loughton.”

Sophie Shave, from Loughton, said: “It's very dangerous there. If people are standing at the bus stop you have got to move into the damaged part of the pavement. I have to use a walking frame and it can be very difficult. Something should be done. It's been like that for a long time.”

Essex County Council resurfaced half of the pavement in April this year but has insisted the half in front of the shops is the landlords' responsibility.

But residents have said the pavement has deteriorated rapidly in the last few months and it is only a matter of time before someone is hurt.

Rex Roberts, from Loughton, said: “I came here in 1936 to Loughton. I'm 87, my wife is 86. We go down to Morrison's every morning to do our shopping and we see these disgraceful holes. I can't understand if it's council property or the people who have got the shops but it's gone on for years.”

Patricia Bruntlett, from Loughton, said: “If the shops are going through hard times that's not going to be helpful for them but I would have thought Morrison's could have put their hand in their pocket, it can't be more than a few hundred pounds. Or the council could have done it and just billed the people responsible.”

Roger Bell, from Loughton, said: “Two years ago they resurfaced the pavement all the way from The Drive to the top of the pavement. They did it again and it still looks shoddy.”

No-one from Butlers, Pink, or Royal Ribs was available for comment.