THE CREDIT crunch exposed the bizarre nature of some the investments made by money-men in the City of London – but that's nothing compared to the deals outlined in a new book.

Author Toby Walne, of Wavertree Road in South Woodford, has written '101 Extraordinary Investments: Curious, Unusual and Bizarre Ways to Make Money', which explores the more curious ways of making money from Victorian times to the 21st century.

The book collects together a series of weird and wonderful investment ideas, from the wares of globe-trotting 19th century pioneers, to more modern collectables like cigarette cards, tufts of celebrity hair and even pedigree pigs.

Toby said: “I was really inspired by the credit crunch, and it made me think about how odd some of the investments made back in Victorian times were, with people taking punts on everything from rare orchids to shrunken heads.

"This is a practical guide offering tips and advice on how to make money out of alternative investments today."

The book is published by Harriman House on November 9. For more information visit