THE council has kept most of the money it gained in fines from motorists at an illegal box junction- leading to claims that it should be doing more to return the cash.

A box junction installed at the corner of Burghley Road and High Road, in Leytonstone, was last year found to contravene Government guidelines as it overlapped a cycle lane.

It was therefore illegal, meaning the council has had to refund anyone who was fined £60 (£120 if not paid within two weeks) for stopping in the box.

But a response under the Freedom of Information (FOI) act revealed that the authority has to date paid back just £33,875 of the £267,995 collected from fines at the junction since it was scrapped in February last year.

The authority advertised the fact that motorists could apply for refunds in its information sheet Waltham Forest News.

But some residents believe the council should be actively trying to contact those who were wrongly fined.

Richard Kingswood, of The Rise, Leytonstone, who submitted the FOI request, said: “I have to say I think it's disgraceful that they haven't made more of an effort to refund this money.

“I can understand that it may be difficult to trace a small percentage of motorists but it appears that nearly 90 per cent of fines paid have yet to be refunded and we are now more than 18 months after the council made its original promise.”

George Panteli, 53, of Harold Road, Leytonstone, campaigned against the council's implementation of the junction for months before it was finally removed.

Mr Panteli said: “This is disgusting, surely the council can send a few letters telling people they are eligible for the money?

The Guardian is awaiting a reponse from the council.

To get your refund call the council's parking department on 8496 3000.

For information on appealing traffic fines visit

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