RESIDENTS living near the scene of a three-car smash which has left a man hospitalised have called for a controversial roundabout to be made more safe.

Firefighters used equipment to cut a motorist out of a red Ford Ka following an accident involving a black BMW and a third blue car in Mansfield Hill, Chingford yesterday morning.

The man, in his 40s was airlifted to the Royal London Hospital suffering from serious injuries.

The accident happened on the approach to the mini-roundabout which joins Mansfield Hill, Waltham Way and Sewardstone Road.

Betty and Alan Gower, of Mansfield Hill, who described the junction as an “accident blackspot”, were woken by the loud crash.

Mrs Gower, 69, said: “We could hear the man making groaning noises as they cut him free, the poor devil.

“Within minutes there were loads of people, police, firefighters, ambulance and finally the helicopter.

“They responded so quickly and worked so hard to get him out, they should be commended.

The couple were among a number of residents to call for the mini-roundabout, which links three busy, straight roads, to be made more safe.

Mrs Gower said: “We have got used to the accidents over the years.

“Often in the past we would take the injured people in, with their blood dripping everywhere, and look after them.

“People come to the roundabout too fast and a lot of them don't signal.”

Gillian Choat, 64, also of Mansfield Hill, said: “Something needs to be done about the junction, it is dangerous, particularly during rush hour.”

The man was reportedly fighting for his life earlier today and the authorities have not confirmed whether his condition has improved.

The busy road was closed for several hours following the crash, which happened at about 7.30am.

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